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What to Do if Your Wireless Speaker System Malfunctions

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Since their invention in the 1920’s, speakers have continued to evolve, eventually leading to one of the most amazing modern inventions ever: the wireless speaker. These amazing devices allow us to add music to our lives anywhere, anytime.

However, even the best speakers experience technological issues once in a while. If this happens to you, don’t assume that your speaker is broken. In fact, it’s probably an easier fix than you think.

Want to know more? Keep reading to learn what to do if your wireless speaker system malfunctions. Let’s get started!

How Cordless Speakers Work

Wireless speakers operate by using either WiFi or Bluetooth to connect to any number of devices. Most commonly, people use cell phones or laptops.

Because Bluetooth and WiFi speakers need a strong signal to operate, they have a limited range and are best used within the same room as the source device. However, they can operate pretty much anywhere as long as they are close to the connection source.

Cordless speakers can be charged, or operate off battery power. For a continuous flow, keep your speaker plugged into a wall outlet.

Most electronics shops offer a wide variety of cordless options like waterproof speakers, wireless tv speakers, and outdoor Bluetooth speakers. Before you purchase any sound system, be sure to read trustworthy product reviews first.

Troubleshooting Wireless Speaker Issues

Having speaker troubles? Look below for help. We’ll review the most common problems and go over how to solve them quickly and easily.

The Speaker Isn’t Producing Sound

If your speaker isn’t making a peep, start by checking its power source. Make sure that it’s either fully charged or securely plugged into a power outlet. Try switching outlets if possible.

Once you’re sure that your speaker is receiving power, check the system settings. It’s possible that your speaker is set to mute or that the volume setting is too low.

The Signal Sounds Glitchy

If your speaker appears to be going in and out of signal, try moving it around. The closer that you can get it to a signal source, the better.

Also, check the area for items that may interfere with the signal. This includes cell phones, microwaves, and some power sources.

If your speaker system operates via WiFi, be sure to check that your signal is strong there, too. Weak WiFi can lead to a glitchy speaker connection.

Bluetooth Pairing Blues

If your wireless speaker loses its Bluetooth connection, start from the beginning. First, make sure that the speaker and source are within 30 feet of one another.

Then, pair these items as if it’s the first time. Be sure to follow the manufacturer’s instructions.

Wrapping Up

The amazing amount of convenience offered in today’s world has led to an unfortunate amount of wastefulness. Don’t contribute to the problem by discarding your wireless speaker when you first encounter an issue.

Instead, use the tips above to resolve it yourself! We promise that it will be easier than you think.

And if you feel lost along the way, just have a look at the advice articles on our website. We’re here to help.

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