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What Does Echo Dot Do?

What Does Echo Dot Do

The Echo Dot is a device designed to automate home functions. Once it is linked to the Internet, you can use the Echo Dot to control music, access information, and control different smart appliances and devices in your home.

What Can the Echo Dot Do for You?

The Echo Dot is capable of automating a lot of functions such as the following:

  • Hands-free selection of your favorite music.
  • Order pizza.
  • Management of your home’s smart lights for auto dimming and on/off.
  • Echo Dot also has a timer.
  • Function as an alarm to wake you up.
  • Provide details about the weather: ask and Echo Dot provides the answer.
  • Add items to your shopping list.
  • Crank the AC up or turn the thermostat heat up.

For all its features, Echo Dot is very easy to use. Just mention the word “Alexa”, or you can choose your own word to wake the system up. Once you have chosen a word and set up the app, Echo Dot will be up and ready. Just ask whatever question you have in mind and it will respond.

Features and Benefits

Your Echo Dot user guide provides a complete list of its features and benefits, but the following should give you an idea.

  • Easy to use: Echo Dot comes with the Alexa mobile app, providing you with an easy means of controlling Echo Dot.
  • Echo Dot comes with several microphones, providing the system with excellent hearing so you don’t have to repeat commands or questions.
  • Echo Dot provides support for several music streaming services like iHeartRadio, TuneIn, Amazon Prime Radio, Pandora, and Spotify.
  • The device has a built-in speaker so the music you play sounds clear and crisp.
  • You can use the Echo Dot in any rooms, and it is easy to add another one in your home.

One of the biggest benefits of the Echo Dot is its excellent Bluetooth range, approximately 30 feet. This provides you with a lot of space to move and use the functionality of the Echo Dot without getting caught up in wires.

How to Use Echo Dot

In spite of all its features, the Echo Dot is very easy to set up. Just take all the components out of the box and follow the steps below.

  1. Install the Alexa app on your mobile device. There are versions available on Google Play and iTunes respectively.
  2. Use the Micro USB to plug the device in. Wait a few moments and it will light up.
  3. After Echo Dot is connected, you’re going to hear it speaking to you.
  4. The Echo Dot will guide you through the setup process. Follow the instructions.
  5. Once Echo Dot has been configured, follow the directions for setting up the Alexa app.

Once the app and the Echo Dot has been set up, you’ll be ready to use it.

Using Echo Dot to Play Music

To use Echo Dot to listen to music, you must have an account in Spotify, iHeartRadio, iTunes, or any of the other music streaming services that Echo Dot supports. If you want to listen to iTunes for instance, follow these steps:

  1. Register an iTunes account and enable it on your mobile device. Make sure that it is the same mobile device where you installed the Alexa app.
  2. Launch the Alexa app and go to settings.
  3. Choose Echo Dot, tap Bluetooth and then Pair a New Device.
  4. Go to the Bluetooth settings and select Echo Dot to connect it.
  5. Launch iTunes or whatever streaming service you chose.
  6. The next time you want to listen to that service, just say “Alexa, connect” or whatever wake-up word you chose.

Using the Echo Dot for Home Entertainment Control

The process will depend on the TV app that you are using. Echo Dot works with Harmony Remote, Fire TV, Netflix, Chromecast, and many others. You need to refer to the specific information there to work it out.

Usually however the process involves opening your mobile device and launching the Alexa app. Next you have to tap the Smart Home link and enable the TV app. The next step is to configure the TV stations and the tasks.

You use basically the same approach to use the Echo Dot for home automation tasks. Launch the Alexa app, tap Smart Home and the app should find your smart light bulbs or other smart devices. Follow the instructions for activating them.


As we have shown here, the Echo Dot is a pretty cool device that can do a little bit of everything. If you have a lot of smart devices at home and want a simpler way of controlling them, the Echo Dot is worthy of consideration. 

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