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VAUX Cordless Home Speaker Review

VAUX Cordless Home Speaker Review

Ever since the debut of Amazon’s Echo, Amazon has been coordinating with other producers of smart devices to add to Echo’s capabilities. Alexa, the brain behind Echo, can easily be paired with other smart devices including speakers.

If you are looking for that perfect speaker that can deliver surround sound effects and achieve that fair deepness of the bass, then it is high time you check out the VAUX Cordless Home Speaker.

Choosing and buying an external speaker for your Echo is tiring, which is why we have compiled the advantages and disadvantages of this speaker as well as our honest verdict on its features.

Covered in this review is a real-world experience of using this very model. We hope that this can help you with your decision in purchasing external speakers for your Echo.

Features of the VAUX Cordless Home Speaker

  • Includes a portable battery for Amazon Echo Dot
  • Includes dual 52mm drivers
  • Includes passive radiator
  • Includes 3.5mm aux input which is perfect for external mobile players
  • Provides deep bass and impressive sound
  • 6 hours run time
  • Rechargeable battery (lithium-ion)
  • Compatible with Amazon Echo Dot


The VAUX Cordless Home Speaker is truly a remarkable speaker that lives up to the expectations of delivering high-quality music. This is the very first speaker that is battery-powered, which makes it pretty convenient.

Going wireless or cordless always decreases the fuss in setting it up. With the enhanced audio excellence and its aesthetically pleasing design, this has landed a nice spot in our top 5 external speakers for Amazon Echo.

With this speaker, you can simply place the device on top of it, plug in the connectors from your Echo Dot and voila, you’re good to go. The built-in battery of this speaker is very advantageous as it lets you enjoy its features anywhere at any time.

This speaker delivers high-quality sound that is perfect for when you are playing music, listening to podcasts, or watching a movie. The speakers are wrapped in an acoustic fabric so that if you listen through these VAUX speakers, the sound easily fills up the room.

VAUX is designed to be minimal (which is very aesthetic) and sleek. The company’s aim for VAUX speakers is summarized into 3 words: Portability, Quality, and Style, and by testing their products, we definitely agree that this was achieved.

Portability: as the speakers are cordless and compact, this can easily be good for when you are traveling. The battery is long-lasting so you would not have to worry about running out of juice while you are out and about.

Quality: by listening to the sound that this speaker produces, you can tell that every material used to create this device is of high quality. The sound is very clear and not distorted, its bass is deep and the notes are comprehensive.

Style: the style of this speaker is very elegant. Along with its portability, this speaker is the perfect companion for both indoors and outdoors. You can place this in every room for you to get in contact with Amazon’s Echo. VAUX has surely outdone themselves in creating the perfect external speaker for your mobile devices as well as virtual assistants.


VAUX speakers have a lot of satisfied customers; however, there are some setbacks with the device. First of all, the quality of music is amazing but the product itself seems to shut down for irregular periods of time even when fully charged.

The build quality is good and durable enough to have not acquired any permanent damage but it would still die after just a few hours of use.

While this product is extremely good at delivering high-quality music and the battery life seems to be fairly good, the ability of this speaker to still perform after a few hours is in question. Furthermore, we highly suggest following the proper way of charging the battery so that encounters like these can be avoided.


The VAUX Cordless Home Speaker truly thrilled us with its portability and its elegant design. Its ability to deliver high-quality music is impeccable and the hassle-free process of connecting it to another device such as Amazon’s Echo is very impressive. While the capacity of the battery brought some skepticism, we do believe that this speaker is worth your attention and deserves a chance.

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