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Top 4 Ways to Trick Out Your Home Theater System

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With help of Netflix, YouTube, and all the streaming platforms available on every device, Americans are now spending more than 5 hours a day watching videos. While not every hour is spent in a home theater, most people could stand tricking theirs out a little more. If there were an ideal environment to watch that latest episode of Game of Thrones, why wouldn’t you watch it there?

Here are 4 big ways to trick out your home theater system.

1. Wireless Surround Sound

Many studies have shown that people are far more likely to complain about not being able to hear what they’re watching than about bad picture quality. Nothing puts you in the mood of being in a theater than an immersive sound experience.

With wireless surround sound, you can have movie theater immersiveness without the hassle of wiring a bunch of elements. If you’ve got a smart TV or watch your TV on a computer, you should be able to pair a wireless system to it.

Impress your guests with surround sound next time you have a movie night.

2. Track Lights

If you want to bring on the real aura of a home theater, you should install track lights to go along your walls or down the hall. When you have guests over, make the room pitch black aside from your floor lighting.

When people walk in and out of the room, they’ll get the feeling of being in a real theater. Pop a little bit of popcorn and they’ll sink right into the experience of your home theater.

3. Projector Instead of Screen

While screen technology has grown by leaps and bounds in recent years, projectors usually still look better than screens. A high-quality projector connected to your playing device, paired with some amazing speakers, could turn your living room into a theater in seconds.

A projector pointed at a wall might not give you exactly what you’re looking for. Instead of just pointing your projector at your plain white wall, measure out your screen space. You can paint that rectangle with a special reflective paint to ensure you get a bright and colorful picture from your projection.

4. A Powerful Bluetooth Speaker

If you don’t have a big powerful screen and end up watching most of your movies from your laptop or your desktop screen, that’s okay. You can still find ways to take your home theater set up to another level.

With a powerful Bluetooth speaker, you can give yourself the feeling of being at a small theater. As speaker technology has developed, you can now get stereo sound from just a single speaker.

Your Perfect Home Theater is Just a Step Away

Building the perfect home theater is within your grasp. With a few simple modifications to your viewing setup, you could be watching your favorite movies and shows in an ideal setting. Great sound, perfect lighting, and a few good snacks could turn your lounge area into a total experience.

If you’re struggling to set up your Bluetooth speaker, check out our guide for more information.