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How to Install Wireless Speakers Throughout Your Home

how to install wireless speakers

Did you know there are about 209 million audio devices installed across the globe?

Go back a few years and speakers were a nightmare to set up, especially for a home theater system. You had to organize a bunch of wires and hopefully hide them from plain view. Nowadays, wireless speakers are readily available, making it easier and more convenient to set them up in your home.

If you want to know how to install wireless speakers in your home, you need to follow certain steps since it can be different from using a basic wireless Bluetooth speaker.

Not sure where to start? Here are the steps on how to set up a wireless audio system:

1. Choose Your Media Device

As a part of your DIY whole house audio installation process, you need to choose between two ways to accomplish it. You can either use your home’s WiFi network or your media player’s dedicated wireless network. If you have the former, it makes more sense using it.

With the use of your home’s WiFi, you can play music straight from music streaming sites. It can also play the downloaded music you have on your computer. Finally, you can use the WiFi network to play from your mp3 player or CD drive.

Otherwise, you can use the dedicated network as a good alternative. It comes with a media player complemented by a specific number of speakers with the compatibility.

2. Set the Speakers Up

The greatest advantage of wireless speakers is the fact you don’t have to worry about tacky cables. Their drawback is to sync them up with your system beforehand. To do this, wire the new speaker to your router to sync them once you press the WPS button.

Once you finish this, you can now put the speaker in any location within range. Repeat this process for as many speakers as you need in as many rooms as you can reach. Most dedicated systems come with their own instructions when it comes to setting it up so keep that in mind.

3. Configure Your Music System

The most common device used for controlling the wireless whole house audio system is your computer. Using a media player application on the computer will often suffice. Toggle the media streaming features on the desktop and use it as the central hub of your audio system.

You can take this one step further by downloading free apps. This will allow you to use your smartphone as a means of controlling your audio system. As a good alternative, you can always get a universal remote.

A lot of the dedicated systems out there come with their own remote if you want to keep things simple.

Learn How to Install Wireless Speakers Today!

With these tips, you’ll easily learn how to install wireless speakers. Now you get to build a centralized audio system to ensure you get music wherever you are at home. If you plan to make your smartphone as a controller, you can have a greater degree of freedom without touching your computer.

Do you need to know more about wireless speakers? Visit us here and we’ll provide you with more information about the best brands of wireless speakers on the market.

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