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How to Connect Echo Dot to Bluetooth Speaker

How to Connect Echo Dot to Bluetooth Speaker

The Echo Dot is a nifty device that can do a lot when it comes to automating smart devices. The Echo Dot is particularly effective in managing music streaming services. Of course, you’ll need good Bluetooth speakers to enjoy the music. The following explains how to set up your Echo Dot with your Bluetooth speakers.

Step by Step Guide on how to connect Echo Dot to Bluetooth Speaker

  1. Set up your Echo Dot and Alexa app according to the instructions.
  2. Position the Bluetooth and Echo device three feet apart minimum. If the Echo Dot is too near the speakers, Echo may have a harder time hearing your wake-up word.
  3. For optimum results, buy only a Bluetooth speaker that has been certified compatible with Echo devices. Bluetooth speakers that have not been certified may not work.
  4. Ensure you’re able to link the speaker to your other Bluetooth devices.
  5. Turn on your Bluetooth speaker and turn the volume up.
  6. If there are other Bluetooth devices on your Echo Dot, disconnect them. This is necessary since Echo Dot cannot hook up two Bluetooth devices at once.
  7. Turn on your Bluetooth speaker pairing mode. The process will vary among speakers so refer to the instruction manual.
  8. Launch the Alexa app and go into Settings.
  9. Choose your device and choose Bluetooth > Pair a New Device. Your Echo Dot will go into pairing mode. Wait for the device to find your speaker to show up in the list of speakers on Alexa.
  10. Choose your Bluetooth speaker from the list. Echo Dot will attempt to connect the device to the speaker. You will be notified if a connection is made.
  11. Tap Continue in the Alexa app. Your speaker should be working now with Echo dot.
  12. If you want to try another audio using another device, say “disconnect” and repeat the steps above.

Tips and Suggestions

  • To manage the settings of your speaker and other Bluetooth devices, tap Settings and go to Bluetooth.
  • You just need to say “connect” if you want to connect to a device that you had paired previously. This command will make Echo Dot connect to that device.
  • Use your voice or any of the volume controls to adjust the sound level of your Bluetooth speaker.

Troubleshooting Bluetooth Speakers

Most of the time Echo Dot works fine with Bluetooth speakers, especially if they’re certified. Every now and then, however, problems can and do arise. Here are tips to help you solve them.

  • Bluetooth speakers and devices that need a PIN to pair are not supported by Echo dot.
  • Ensure that the speaker has been unpaired from other devices.
  • If you’re using portable speakers, make certain the batteries are new or fully charged.
  • Look for possible interference. Make certain your Echo device and Bluetooth are far from baby monitors and other wireless applications.
  • If your Bluetooth speaker still won’t work, go to your Alexa app and tap Settings > name of your Echo device > Bluetooth. Tap to choose your Bluetooth speaker and choose Forget Device. Reconnect the Echo device and your Bluetooth speaker. Put your speaker in pairing mode and say “Pair”.
  • If you are trying to link your speaker and Echo Dot via an audio cable, make sure that your speaker’s sound input port is working.
  • If you’re using an audio cable, make sure there is nothing that hinders the port. Also keep in mind that Echo Dot only works with aux ports that have 3.5 mm stereo input.
  • It is best to use an adapter if you have an older sound system.

How to Get Optimum Performance From Bluetooth Speakers on Echo Dot

  • If your speaker has replaceable batteries, get new ones because the ones you’re using may already be used up.
  • If your Bluetooth speaker has rechargeable batteries, ensure that it’s charged fully and still working.
  • Follow all the instructions for installation and proper use.
  • Bluetooth speakers that are not certified for Echo Dot may or may not work. Even if it installs fine, it could cause problems later.
  • If you’re having persistent problems, use the Forget method described above. It should work for speakers as long as they are certified compatible.

If you need to reset the Echo Dot, remove the power adapter from the wall outlet or the device. Wait a few seconds and plug it back in. If your Echo Dot has buttons, press and hold the volume down and microphone off buttons until the ring becomes orange. It will then turn blue. Turn it off and then on again.

Enter setup mode and link to your Wi-Fi network.


Getting Echo Dot to work with a Bluetooth speaker is not as hard as it seems. As long as you follow the guidelines as given above, your Echo Dot Bluetooth speakers will be up and running.

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