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Echo Alarm Music

Echo Alarm Music

Waking up early is easier said than done, especially if you have not gotten enough sleep. That is why alarms were invented; however, it can be such a nuisance sometimes to set an alarm and wake up to one. There have been recent studies that natural light is the best way to wake up, to but it’s not every day that we get to sleep a full 8 hours.

Thus we use alarms, but waking up to an annoying sound or noise can actually affect your health, specifically your heart. The abrupt rise in heart rate can cause higher blood pressure and increase stress levels.

With that being said, waking up to the right kind of sound is the healthiest way, apart from natural daylight. The right kind of song or music will gently ready your body for the day without causing any abrupt awakening.

Luckily, we live in a world full of innovative people. In an attempt to overcome the issues faced by someone waking up to an annoying alarm, Amazon has brought us Echo.

Amazon’s Echo is a speaker/assistant that you can install in your home. It is an artificially intelligent assistant that can help you with your grocery list, your appointments for the day, and can serve as your alarm.

The thing that sets this Echo device apart from other alarm systems is that you can use music as the sound you wake up to instead of the usual alarm sounds.

With this device, you can wake up in such a peaceful manner that will leave you in a good mood all day long. Amazon has truly set the bar for personal home assistants. Alexa is the name given to Amazon’s Echo. Alexa is pretty much the same with Siri but even better.

Alexa is configured to provide you with repeating alarms for the purpose that you won’t have to set them daily. Use the word “repeating” and she will understand that she has to wake you up daily and use the word “weekday” to exclude weekends for the alarms.

How to Configure Echo Alarm Music

It is pretty easy to configure the alarm on Amazon’s Echo, but in order to wake up to music, we need the use of our smart phones. While Alexa cannot use music as a substitute for alarms, it can play music if paired with a smart phone.

In setting your music alarm, pair your smartphone with Alexa and record an audio file that says “Alexa turn on MUSIC.” You then replace the music with whatever file it is that you want to wake up to. Once you set an alarm to your smartphone and select the music file that you would want to use, you’re all set to go.

This is truly a step forward into technology. People can greatly benefit from the Echo Alarm Music as this will soothe you rather than cause an abrupt awakening, which has been proven to be unhealthy.

The right kind of music to start the day can affect your mood for the whole day; that is why the Echo Alarm Music is such a necessity for everyone, especially those who need to keep a tight schedule.

Your brain and heart will thank you in the long run for using music as an alarm because, in a way, you are changing your motivation and concentration levels in a healthy way. Music, is in fact, a good exercise for the brain. It can boost brain chemicals needed for you to start your day. This product makes this all possible.

Actually, these are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to benefits of listening to music. Other benefits include language development, increase in IQ and spatial intelligence, and an increase in brain connectivity.

Imagine this: you wake up to an alarm, which is really loud and annoying because you think that this is the best way to wake up to. That the annoyance you feel will be enough for you to actually get off of your bed. Or you can think of another scenario: waking up to your favorite music (whether upbeat or slow).

You wake up to it and you find yourself slowly gaining consciousness as you start to sing along to the music. Which of the two scenarios do you like most? Better yet, which do you think is healthier? If you choose the latter, then we highly recommend that you get your hands on the Echo Alarm Music.

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