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DOSS Touch Bluetooth Speaker Review

DOSS Touch Bluetooth Speaker Review

With Amazon’s newest invention, Echo, you can perform mundane tasks simply through Alexa. This is truly a revolutionized product in our times today, as this will open doors to the endless possibilities of the aptitude of virtual assistants. Echo is a speaker/microphone that can recognize and respond to voice commands.

Echo has a 24cm, 7-piece microphone and speaker that ultimately show that Amazon Echo volume control is highly impressive. This can also be paired with other smart devices, which expand the capabilities of the device.

In this article, we are going to talk about one of the top external speakers that are normally paired with Echo: the DOSS Touch Bluetooth Speaker. This article will go through the advantages and disadvantages of the product as well as the features and reasons as to why we think this is a good bargain for your Echo.

Features of the DOSS Touch Bluetooth Speaker

  • Has sensitive touch control
  • Easy to control speakers
  • Top-notch sound quality
  • 10W superior sound
  • Functional design
  • Compatible with Bluetooth-enabled devices
  • Compatible with Samsung, iPhone, Echo Dot
  • 12 hours playtime


This product is truly amazing when it comes to delivering high notes that are crisp and producing deep bass. The sounds are so much clearer as this can be used to play music from its 2W by 5W driver. The 1.6-inch speaker, in addition to its 1.6-inch by 2.9-inch passive radiator, gives us more reason to recommend this further.

We believe that this is perfect for achieving that surround sound effect when playing music, watching movies, or even playing games. This speaker has a 360-degree stereo sound that goes through dual high-performance drivers, resulting in a unique and deep bass sound.

Don’t get fooled by the small and compact design of the DOSS Touch Bluetooth Speaker – this is powerful enough to deliver full sound with a fairly deep bass. The design of this speaker is a big bonus as it is portable enough to be a good companion for traveling.

Whether you are indoors or outdoors, the long-lasting battery of this speaker and its handy features is impressive. With its sleek design and its light weight (about 1 pound), you can easily throw this in your bag and you’re good to go. This is perfect for when you are camping or having a barbecue in your backyard.

The sensitivity of this speaker is very nice as well. You can easily control your music and volume with its elegant controls. We find the controls of this product very efficient that with just one touch you can play, pause, stop, and skip the music.

Volume control is situated on the top ring of the speaker and going in a clockwise direction increases the volume while going counter clockwise direction decreases it. It is very user-friendly so don’t worry if you are not that literate when it comes to gadgets.

Furthermore, we had high expectations for this speaker and yet it has still exceeded them. Its ability to deliver intense sounds is impeccable. It fits perfectly in your hands, yet it can fill the room with quality sounds.

The battery is good and it is compact so bringing the device with you anywhere is hassle-free. We highly recommend this as an external speaker for your Echo.


This speaker is very good at delivering high-quality sound both deep in bass and crisp in high notes. However, we are skeptical of its long-term ability to withstand constant use.

While the product is very compact and durable, we hope that it can surpass the test of time. If you’re going to be using this on the heavy side, then keeping track of its quality could help you extend its lifespan.


The DOSS Touch Bluetooth Speaker is a remarkable device and is a perfect choice for when you are in search of an external speaker for your Echo. Some key points that we really like about this product are that it has a 360-degree stereo sound that is perfect for playing loud music.

Even with loud music, it will not lose the deepness of the bass of the sound. The design and functionality of the speaker are very impressive too as it is small and compact, making it perfect for traveling. In conclusion, we highly recommend this speaker if you are looking for external speakers for your Echo.

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