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wireless waterproof speakers

What are the Best Wireless Waterproof Speakers?

If you’re like most people, you like to take your tunes with you everywhere you go. That could include the shower, the pool, or the beach. While no one ever intends to get their speakers wet, it can still happen. This is why wireless waterproof speakers have become increasingly popular[…]

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how to install wireless speakers

How to Install Wireless Speakers Throughout Your Home

Did you know there are about 209 million audio devices installed across the globe? Go back a few years and speakers were a nightmare to set up, especially for a home theater system. You had to organize a bunch of wires and hopefully hide them from plain view. Nowadays, wireless[…]

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best outdoor bluetooth speakers

What are the Best Outdoor Bluetooth Speakers for the Beach?

The temptation to play music through your phone at the beach seems like an easy, cost-effective solution. That is until you’re hit with hundreds of dollars in repair or replacement costs for water or dust damage. Compared to those prices, it’s much cheaper to get one of the best outdoor[…]

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best wireless speakers for tv

What are the Best Wireless Speakers for TV?

Are you looking for a cinematic experience in your home theater? Are you hearing impaired and want to improve your tv viewing experience? Are you looking to improve the aesthetics of your television’s surround sound? The best wireless speakers can give you a cinematic experience without leaving home. They can[…]

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wireless speakers for the office

What are the Best Wireless Speakers for the Office?

Who said office work had to be dull or silent? Nearly 80% of workers work more effectively while listening to music, according to an academic survey. But listening to music with headphones on can be antisocial, not to mention pretty awkward if you miss the boss calling you. That’s where[…]

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wireless speaker

What to Do if Your Wireless Speaker System Malfunctions

Since their invention in the 1920’s, speakers have continued to evolve, eventually leading to one of the most amazing modern inventions ever: the wireless speaker. These amazing devices allow us to add music to our lives anywhere, anytime. However, even the best speakers experience technological issues once in a while.[…]

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wireless speaker system

Top 5 Advantages of a Wireless Speaker System

Are you considering purchasing a wireless speaker system? A high-quality, wireless speaker system can transcend the audio experience in your home or office. There are 69.5 million households in the United States with a connected-TV device. Despite the popularity of TVs, many TV owners are unhappy with the sound quality[…]

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home theater

Top 4 Ways to Trick Out Your Home Theater System

With help of Netflix, YouTube, and all the streaming platforms available on every device, Americans are now spending more than 5 hours a day watching videos. While not every hour is spent in a home theater, most people could stand tricking theirs out a little more. If there were an[…]

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wireless speakers

Top 5 Tips to Find the Best Wireless Speakers

You’ve reached you’re breaking point, and you don’t even know how you got here. It’s too quiet, always too quiet. You sit in your living room hoping for something to disturb the heavy silence. If only you had a speaker. You just can’t find the speaker you need. You’ve had[…]

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