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Anker SoundCore Bluetooth Speaker Speaker Review

Anker SoundCore Bluetooth Speaker Speaker Review

Ever wonder what it would feel like to have your very own Jarvis? Well, Amazon has truly outdone themselves with their latest invention: Echo. Echo is a speaker/microphone that can receive and respond to voice commands. While Alexa is the brain behind Echo, getting that perfect speaker is key to enjoying Alexa’s full capabilities.

This article will be focusing on the features, advantages, and disadvantages of the Anker SoundCore Bluetooth Speaker. We’ll be evaluating its functionality and user-friendliness as well as its overall performance. If you want to see whether this speaker can fulfill your requirement for a good external speaker for your Amazon Echo then, read on.

Features of the Anker SoundCore Bluetooth Speaker Speaker

  • Has a 24 hours playtime
  • Has 500 songs playtime
  • Built-in lithium ion battery
  • High-quality music through dual high-performance drivers
  • Compatible with Bluetooth-enabled devices


Anker is one of the top producers of quality speakers, and their model Anker 212155 is no exception. Wherever you make take this speaker, it will ensure that it can provide quality music. Its powerful stereo enables very impressive crisp sounds and tight bass. It has less than 1% total harmonic distortion even when played at the highest volume.

Furthermore, this speaker has a built-in lithium-ion battery. With just a single charge, you can play for about 24 hours of quality music. This playtime is actually twice as much as most Bluetooth speakers’ capability in today’s market.

Aside from that, it also has a 500 song playtime. If this is not enough for you. then we don’t know what is. We were stunned with by feature and we believe that this is one of the main reasons why Anker speakers set themselves apart from other external speakers on the market today.

The portability of this speaker is highly impressive too as its unique a spiral bass port design. With the functionality and design of the Anker SoundCore Bluetooth Speaker, you can be assured that you will get clean bass sounds. This Anker speaker is small and compact so you can easily carry this around with you during road trips, when camping, on hikes, and much more. It also has a good feel in your hands.

Anker has truly set the standard of how Bluetooth speakers should be portable. This speaker is very well-constructed from materials are of high quality. The instructions are easy and user-friendly. Pairing with other devices is made easy with Anker speakers, which is why this is a perfect option for you if you are looking for an external speaker for your Amazon Echo.

Affordability and quality results are the main reasons why customers are very much into Anker speakers. We find this to be perfect for when you are streaming your favorite music, listening to the radio by use of internet services, having a barbeque outside, or simply hanging by the side of the pool and having dinner.


This speaker has all sorts of amazing features, including the deepness of the bass that it produces when playing music. While the majority of customers are happy and satisfied with the quality of the sounds and the fair presence of the bass in the music, there are some that believe the bass still isn’t deep and strong enough.

Furthermore, these Anker speakers would also randomly stop working if they reached the maximum level or has exceeded the normal range of volume. While not being able to play music at full volume is disappointing, we highly recommend that you get in touch with Anker’s customer service so that they can fix it for you. They should be happy to oblige.


The Anker SoundCore Bluetooth Speaker is truly an amazing product. While it may not provide you with a full volume, full bass experience, the ability of this speaker to still deliver quality music at a fair volume is impressive. We do believe that you surely get to experience your money’s worth when you buy the Anker speakers.

In conclusion, this speaker has landed a spot in our top 5 external speakers for your Amazon Echo for the following reasons: It is portable enough that pairing it with Amazon Echo or other smart devices is hassle-free, it provides quality sounds at a fair volume giving off enough bass and power to when you are listening to music, and the fact that it has a playtime of 24 hours and 500 songs.

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