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All-New Echo Dot SoundLink Mini II Review

All-New Echo Dot SoundLink Mini II Review

Bose has manufactured quite a number of quality speakers, and the Mini II is one of the more popular ones. The question is, does the Mini II Pearl work as well as the company claims?  We have seen a lot of Echo Dot speakers that make all kinds of claims, so we set out to learn if the Mini II is any good. As it turns out, this speaker and Echo Dot bundle really deliver.

Features of the All-New Echo Dot SoundLink Mini II

  • The Mini II is built with an emphasis on sound and audio quality, and its drivers provide a deep bass sound.
  • The Mini II is compact so you’ll be able to carry this anywhere you want to go.
  • The Mini II is wireless, providing excellent performance without constricting wires or cables.
  • The built-in speakerphone provides you with the means to handle calls aloud.
  • The package includes Echo Dot 2nd generation, providing hands-free voice control for news reading, playing music, and more.
  • The device can be hooked up to a Bluetooth or a 3.5 mm stereo cable and works with popular music streaming services like TuneIn, Spotify, Pandora, iHeartRadio, and Amazon Music.
  • The Echo Dot provides control over smart devices made by popular brands such as Ecobee, Nest, Samsung, Philips Hue, and more.


  • Versatile.
  • Rich deep bass.
  • Well-designed speakerphone.


  • Maximum volume not as loud as other speakers


This package comes with two items, the Bose SoundLink Mini II Speaker, and the 2nd generation Echo Dot, and both perform very well.

The first impression we got from the speaker is that it has a rich, full bass, not the tinny sound that comes with low-quality speakers. You can hear a wide range of sounds and you can distinguish between sounds clearly. It also comes with a charging cradle for your convenience.

Its wireless range is good for up to 30 feet, and the voice prompts are walk you through the Bluetooth pairing. Once that’s done you can just relax and enjoy the music. Thanks to the high-quality speaker, the audio is really good. Charging does not take too long, and with a full charge good for up to 10 hours, you get a lot of play here.

Echo Dot works seamlessly with supported services. After you’re walked through the installation, the device can read Audible audiobooks, provide Amazon TV control, configure alarms, read the news, call, receive, and send messages, and provide a lot of information. Since the Echo Dot is bundled, this is more than just a speaker.

The built-in speaker is a nice touch as it doubles as a voice controlled computer, a kitchen helper, or an alarm clock. Going back to the speaker, the audio quality is really top of the line, regardless of the music service you tune in to. Some may argue that wireless speakers are not as effective, but the quality here is comparable to more expensive units.

Bottom line: the Eco Dot performs very well, and the volume is clear even when turned up. The lows are deep and rich and the highs are clear and distinct. Even the speakerphone does a good job of clearing your voice, and it just takes a tap to receive or reject a call.


The Mini II is easy to use, and connecting the speakers only takes a moment. Because it’s wireless, you don’t have to worry about wiring or cables, and the speakerphone is indispensable if you get a lot of calls.

The Mini II is also one of the easiest to connect with speakers. Hooking it up to headphones or speakers is straightforward, and the audio quality is good either way. Once the unit has been set up, it’s just a matter of using your Alexa app to stream music and control smart devices.

The speaker and the Echo Dot work fine, and the app provides an intuitive way of controlling sprinklers, lights, garage door openers, and other smart devices. The fact that it supports the popular brands as mentioned in the Features section really makes a difference, as far as making the speaker easy to use.

Overall, the Mini II is one of the better Echo Dot speakers to use, and it does so without compromising in terms of performance. A frequent criticism with some of these speakers is that they are difficult to set up, but in this case it is not a concern.


The SoundLink II is an exceptionally well-designed speaker, suitable for the Echo Dot. The sound quality is very good and it is simple to operate. If you’re looking for a speaker that’s versatile and is guaranteed to work with the Echo Dot 2nd generation, then the Mini II is something we can recommend.

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