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Speakers That Work with Amazon Echo

Speakers That Work with Amazon Echo

Amazon has truly outdone themselves with their latest invention: Echo. The Echo is a speaker/microphone device which is connected to a smart virtual assistant named Alexa.

Alexa is the brain behind Echo and she can help you perform mundane tasks through Echo. Echo can receive and respond to voice commands. This device has a 24cm, 7-piece microphone and speaker that has a 360-degree surround sound that can provide you with such quality music.

However, you can always have the option of connecting it to an external speaker. In choosing an external speaker, there is a lot to consider when singling out speakers that work with Amazon echo. The deepness of the bass, the crispness of the high notes, and the ability of the speaker to produce sounds at the highest volume without having to distort them.

What to expect with speakers that work with Amazon Echo?

If you are in search for that perfect smart device for your Echo and is still at lost because of the wide variety of models available on today’s market, don’t worry. This article will provide you with our top 5 picks (which are compatible with Amazon’s Echo) that can deliver high-quality performance.

DOSS Touch Bluetooth Speaker

The DOSS Touch Bluetooth Speaker is very small and compact so you can carry this around and still enjoy high-quality music. Don’t get fooled by its size. Even though this is fairly small, it can deliver a surround sound effect that is perfect for listening to music, playing podcasts, playing games, and even watching movies.

It has a 360-degree stereo sound that is achieved through dual high-performance drivers. With the DOSS Touch Bluetooth Speaker, you can achieve high-quality music with a unique and deep bass sound.

VAUX Cordless Home Speaker

The VAUX Cordless Home Speaker can be summarized into 3 words: portability, quality, and style. It is portable because it is cordless, the battery life is fairly good, and it is compact, making it easy to carry around when you are traveling or simply staying outdoors.

It can deliver quality sound and you can tell that the music comes across as clear and audible. The aim of VAUX’s style is to be elegant and aesthetically pleasing. With its design and functionality, you can put this in every room without experiencing any trouble. This is truly a good choice for an external speaker of Amazon’s Echo.

Anker 212155 Speaker

The Anker 212155 Speaker has a playtime of 24 hours and 500 songs – that is twice as much as what other Bluetooth speakers on the market today can offer. We believe that the Anker speakers can provide enough bass at a fair volume for you to enjoy music while driving, during dinner, at parties or hanging by the pool.

The speaker’s portability is highly impressive and it has a good feel in your hands. We highly recommend the Anker 212155 Anker Speaker as you will definitely get your money’s worth with this one.

BFF for Alexa – Skull Statue Crafted

This is the perfect guard for Alexa. As the name suggests, pairing this with Amazon Echo will not be a problem. The cables, speakers and the device itself can sit very well inside the guard without having any effect on Alexa’s responsiveness to your voice commands.

It is a good home decoration as it can fit well on your mantle piece or bookshelf. The BFF for Alexa – Skull Statue Crafted is perfect for Halloween or Goth-themed parties. The quality of the music is highly impressive as it produces enough bass allowing you to play clear and audible sounds even at high volumes.

Smatree Portable Battery Base/Protective Cover

The Smatree Portable Battery Base/Protective Cover is very beneficial for your Amazon Echo Dot (specifically the 2nd generation) as it protects your device from scratches or damage. Furthermore, the 5V/2.5A output for other smart devices, such as phones and tablets, is also included in the purchase of this product and is such a great bonus!

We are astounded by the battery life of this product as it can support 7 to 13 hours of playback all the while supporting the charging of your other smart devices with the 5V/ 2.5A output. This can be used while traveling or driving as long as Wi-Fi is present – this feature makes this product very portable and convenient.

In conclusion, there are so many other speakers that work with Amazon Echo. The 5 products mentioned above are our top picks and we do hope that this article has helped you with your decision in buying the perfect smart device to be connected to your Echo.

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