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Skull Statue Crafted Guard Station For Amazon Echo Dot Review

Skull Statue Crafted Guard Station For Amazon Echo Dot Review

Since its debut on the market, Echo continues to expand its relationships with producers of hands-free devices that can add to Alexa’s capabilities. Alexa is a voice service/personal assistant in which Echo is paired. Amazon has indeed raised the standards for remarkable virtual assistants. Alexa is truly a magnificent gadget and finding the right kind of speakers for Alexa is key.

The name itself, BFF for Alexa Skull Statue Crafted Guard Station For Amazon Echo Dot, ensures that the compatibility of this speaker and Alexa is highly recommendable. If you want to know more about these speakers, read on and find out about what we have to say.

Features of the Skull Statue Crafted Guard Station For Amazon Echo Dot

  • The perfect speaker for Amazon Echo
  • Skull shaped making a perfect home decoration
  • Compatible with Amazon Echo
  • Provides high-quality sounds
  • Designed for Alexa to fit perfectly


Alexa has indeed taken the world by storm ever since its debut. Consumers have been raving on and on about its capabilities and Amazon has been coordinating with other producers of hand-devices which will work perfectly well with Alexa.

The BFF for Alexa Skull Statue Crafted Guard Station For Amazon Echo Dot, as the name suggests, is designed specifically so that pairing this speaker with Alexa will cause no trouble. This is crafted to look similar to that of a skull, which is a perfect touch of home decoration.

While there are a number of customers who find the skull to be inappropriate as a home decoration, this would be the perfect touch when you are decorating your house for Halloween.

The quality of the music is fair and produces enough bass that when played at a high volume, the sound does not seem distorted. This is perfect for when you are having friends or relatives over for dinner, as it adds a nice touch to the celebration or gathering as it can simply sit on a shelf or mantle piece while it plays beautiful classical music.

Whether you are listening to music, playing a podcast, or even watching a movie (a horror movie at that), this would be the perfect finishing touch.

The guard is such a good home decoration that all of the equipment including cords, speakers, and Alexa are enclosed inside the container/design of the BFF for Alexa. It does not affect the sound of the speakers whatsoever and Alexa can easily detect any voice commands or requests even when enclosed inside the container.

With the array of its 7-piece microphone situated on the top of the Echo Dot, you can be assured that the guard will not interfere with any of Alexa’s functions.


While this guard is indeed the perfect companion for Alexa, there have been a number of setbacks in terms of its design. While the skull crafted design is perfect for those who are into Halloween, some find it to be inappropriate as a regular home decor.

Furthermore, we do not think that this design would fit the description of having an aesthetic feel to it, especially inside a home.

While the sound produced is of high quality and pairing it with Alexa resulted with no issues, the hole for the cables situated at the back is chipped. The pad where Alexa/ Echo/ Amazon Dot should sit is poorly glued and emits a strong chemical odor.

Furthermore, to those who have acquired the skull crafted guard and is very much into gothic design, you may find the decorative value of the skull is poor in a way that it is not realistic enough. While not being able to achieve an exact replica of a skull is unavoidable, the small details still matter.

The features of the lower part of the face or the lower jaw bone should protrude more towards the front and the lower back portion of the head should come in since this is the part where it holds the device (Alexa).


The BFF for Alexa Skull Statue Crafted Guard Station For Amazon Echo Dot is an amazing guard for Amazon Echo, as it sits perfectly well on your mantle piece or bookshelf. It is very decorative in a sense that it would go perfectly with the other decorative items you have in your home.

While the quality of the music is top-notch as well as its ability to not affect Alexa’s responsiveness, there are a few setbacks when it comes to the design. However, the design is subjective and is only a minor setback and as for us, the quality that this guard provides remains astounding.

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