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Amazon Echo Multiple Speakers

Amazon Echo Multiple Speakers

With the launch of Amazon’s newest invention Echo, you can make sure that performing your regular chores will be much more fun with the help of Alexa. Echo is linked to Alexa and Alexa helps you perform the tasks with the use of voice interaction through Echo.

Aside from voice interaction, Echo can also play your favorite music, update your to-do list, stream podcasts, set alarms, and much more. Alexa is the brain behind Echo, Dot, and Tap (more on these below).

You can have the option of setting Echo in different rooms so that you can “wake” Alexa whenever you want to check your messages or ask what your appointments for the day are. The convenience that this product brings is impeccable! It’s like having your very own Jarvis. It gives you that futuristic vibe that is fit in today’s times.

With Echo, you can do a lot even if you are running around the house. Taking a bath in the bathroom or cooking in the kitchen, as long as you have microphones/speakers in that particular area of the house, you can enjoy Alexa’s ending capabilities.

Upgrade Alexa: Amazon Echo Multiple Speakers

Although Echo has its very own built-in speakers, you always have the option of connecting it to external speakers – and if you are looking to add a speaker in each room of your house, it is pretty convenient to learn how to link several speakers to Alexa through Bluetooth. Luckily, that is what we are going to talk about in this article: how to use Amazon Echo multiple speakers.

Now, the first thing that you would want to consider before actually connecting several speakers to your device is that your speaker should be several feet away from Echo. This is for the purpose of not affecting Alexa’s “hearing.” With that being said, let’s proceed:

First and foremost, you would want a speaker that features the ability to pair up to at least 4 speakers concurrently. You then turn on the Bluetooth capability of your speakers so that it can start pairing up with the device.

You would want to turn on the Bluetooth capability of Echo as well. In order to do so, open the Alexa app and proceed to Settings. Under the device’s option, you can see the Bluetooth selection and under the Bluetooth selection, click on “Pair a New Device.”

This will allow Echo to search for other smart devices which are ready for pairing up. Please ensure that the speakers that will be linked to Echo are indeed compatible to Echo.

Wait until it shows on the screen that the speakers are compatible. Once done, it will show on the list of available devices on the app. Select the speakers and Echo will now connect to it. Finish it off by clicking “Continue.”

You can now enjoy Alexa’s full capacity with your paired up speakers. It is just a matter of what speakers would work well for Alexa. Currently, Amazon offers 3 products that can be linked to Alexa: The Echo, The Dot, and The Tap. The Echo is the big fish, which is pretty understandable as to why it is the most expensive.

The Dot is the fun-size version of the Amazon Echo multiple speakers. Unlike the Echo, which has built-in “dedicated” speakers, the Dot does not have any. However, with the Dot, speakers can be linked through Bluetooth or even a standard audio cable (standard is 3.5mm).

The Amazon Tap is the most portable among the 3. The Echo is 3.27 inches wide and 9.25 inches tall while the Tap is only 2.5 inches wide and 6.2 inches tall. If you plan on carrying the device from room to room, then Amazon Tap is your best option.

In addition, audio synchronization is now available in the Alexa app. Whether you are using the big 3 of Amazon (The Echo, Dot, and Tap) or are pairing Alexa with external devices, you can synchronize the audio of the speakers with the use of the app. This is such an innovative feature of addressing the issues when it comes to audio.

Furthermore, while these are just some of the smart devices that can be paired up with Alexa, it is important to consider the compatibility of the device to Alexa before actually buying it. In the feature section of the product, you can always check if it is compatible with virtual assistant devices.

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